In recognition of the need for a more coordinated and multisectoral response to the growing cancer burden in kenya, the national assembly enacted the cancer prevention and control act (no. 15 of 2012) which established the National Cancer Institute of Kenya (NCI Kenya) as a state corporation. The overall mandate of the nci kenya is to coordinate all activities, resources and information related to cancer prevention and control in Kenya. NCI-kenya recognizes that prioritizing and implementing cancer related interventions requires effective engagement and collaboration among all relevant stakeholders. Therefore, a stakeholder’s convention focused on cancer will take place from 2nd to 4th February 2023, culminating with the commemoration of world cancer day. This convention christened "The National Cancer Summit" is envisioned to bring together all stakeholders to discourse on identified areas of interest and to drive collective & impactful actions. Register for the summit

Mandate Of The National Cancer Institute of Kenya

The National Cancer Institute of Kenya is established pursuant to the cancer prevention and control act, No. 15 of 2012. The mandate of NCI as outlined in the cancer prevention and control act, No. 15 of 20121 is:

  • Advise the Cabinet Secretary on matters relating to the treatment and care of persons with cancer and to advise on the relative priorities to be given to the implementation of specific measures;
  • Encourage and secure the establishment of hospitals, vocational treatment and care centres and other institutions for the welfare and treatment of persons with cancer in all counties of the Republic;
  • Encourage and secure provision of diagnostic, treatment, rehabilitation and other medical care to persons with cancer in those institutions;
  • Co-ordinate services provided in Kenya for the welfare and treatment of persons with cancer and to implement programmes for vocational guidance and counseling;
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate all data useful in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer;
  • Collaborate with international institutions for the purpose of collecting for the Register and cataloging, storing and disseminating the results of cancer research undertaken in any country for the use of any person involved in cancer research in any country;
  • Establish and support the large-scale production or distribution of specialized biological materials and other therapeutic substances for research and set standards of safety and care for persons using such materials;
  • Ensure that accurate figures of persons with cancer are obtained in the country for purposes of planning;
  • Provide access to available information and technical assistance to all institutions, associations and organizations concerned with the welfare and treatment of persons with cancer, including those controlled and managed by the Government
  • Encourage and secure the care of persons with cancer within their communities and social environment;
  • Establish and support measures that seek to eradicate conditions that cause and aggravate the spread of cancer.
  • Recommend measures to prevent discrimination against persons with cancer;
  • Generally, to carry out measures for public information on the rights of persons with cancer and the provisions of this Act; and
  • Encourage and participate in the provision of training on cancer prevention and control.

As the country’s lead institution for cancer prevention and control, NCI-Kenya advises the Cabinet Secretary for Health, on policy matters relating to the prevention, treatment and control of cancer. This is through a systematic analysis of all cancer prevention and control activities undertaken by various stakeholders to determine the gaps and make recommendations on the investment priorities for the country.

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